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Key words: touch switch, toggle switch, key switch, optical fiber terminal, earphone socket, connector.

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Four Reasons For Fosen Electronics         
In the past 20 years, we have focused on the production of digital
switches and made every effort to build a digital switch brand

The company was established in 1998 and has two branches.
At present, there are three advanced packing belt production
Line, set digital switch, light touch switch research and development,
design, production as a whole, fosen electronic has professional
research and development production capacity and strong
production strength, is your cooperation

Fosen electronic has a strict and perfect quality  control
system, so that the product quality is more stable

Our products are made of environment-friendly and high-quality
raw materials and processing technology. Our company has
advanced testing technology and complete quality inspection
system, and strictly follows the international quality
certification system.。

Fosen electronic digital switch, customer satisfaction and second

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Complete professional technical team, 3 automatic production lines,
experienced after-sales maintenance team, fully meet your supply needs.
Fushun electronics co., LTD is a large and influential electronic switch and
headphone socket manufacturer in guangdong province。

  Intimate policy, with cost-effective price advantage
   Fosen electronics welcomes new and old customers to cooperate,
from the perspective of customers, to protect the interests of
customers, we Has been committed to efficient and scientific use
of switching solutions in product performance and applications to
meet customers。The actual requirements, digital switching and
automation solutions provided by the customer are fundamentally
Reduce costs.。

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Dongguan Fosen Electronics Technology Co. LTD
  Dongguan fosen electronics technology co., LTD., founded in 2007, is a professional production and sales of various light touch switch, fiber terminals, headphone socket, power socket, USB, HDMI, connectors. Products are widely used in air conditioning, television, computer, audio, set-top box, induction cooker and other small home appliance industries


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Address: jinfeng industrial park, songlin west road, zengtian village, chang 'an town, dongguan city

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